The Bull Leaper – Original artwork by Korax



Leonidas was one of the original members of Temenos ta Theia (Temenos meaning “sacred grove” or more specifically “a clearly defined holy space” and ta Theia meaning “things concerning the Gods” in Greek), founded by Minos Hermes in the Boston area and later relocated to New Orleans. Leonidas became a Minos in 2010 and started his own grove in the Washington D.C. Metro area. In 2020, he established the Kommos Line of the Minoan Brotherhood. He also maintains the official Facebook and Instagram pages for the Brotherhood. Leonidas is a lifelong student of the occult and loves to learn about different cultures and spiritual traditions, some of which he has been initiated in. However, his main focus is helping to empower marginalized men who love men who are interested in practicing modern pagan witchcraft. Leonidas is married to Korax, a Minoan brother and Buddhist animist. They are both world travelers, human rights advocates, nature lovers, museum goers, health and fitness enthusiasts, and fans of science fiction, fantasy, and comic book genres.

Instagram: Leonidas @covensteadcraft

Kommos is a diverse, international lineage of the Minoan Brotherhood witchcraft tradition.



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